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Voice Coaching
Singing lessons (Certified Rabine Teacher)
master classes

Prof. Sigune von Osten, internationally renowned singer and music artist, producer and cultural manager, has been teaching singing and interpretation, vocal expression and body language on a one-on-one basis, in seminars and master classes and she has been working as coach (Hochschule für Musik Würzburg, Folkwanghochschule Essen, Institut für MusikTheater Karlsruhe; also in Paris, Prague, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro). It is her high sensitivity for the sound of the voice that has been making her more and more aware of how decisive it is for sympathy and success in everyday life. Up-to-date results of research ( and "Kapital" (24 / 2000)) confirm this. The encounter with Gabriele Rinderknecht, experienced trainer and coach, led to a far reaching exchange of experiences and to a new concept. This concept was successfully implemented, among others, with executive managers and sales people (MINI / BMW).

Seminars and one-on-one classes "Voice ? body language ? personality"
for people working in communicative jobs. The voice, in combination with the body language, expresses a person's personality. The voice is a signal for someone's mood and state of health, for instance, such as insecurity, nervousness, fear, or self assurance, composure, confidence, trust, and conviction.
If you are able to effortlessly use your voice in each situation, (on the phone, in negotiations, when giving presentations, and in taking difficult decisions), you will convince and reach your goals.

- Listening to the sound of the voice ? voice analysis
- Interrelation of voice ? body ? personality
- Exercises for breathing, voice, and body
- Coaching for the application in everyday life
- Assistance in stress situations

The seminars take place at the Trombacher Hof, a listed historic estate, which is situated in untouched, protected nature. The silence and idyll of the former cloister and place of pilgrimage favour concentrated working in a relaxed atmosphere. By request, seminars can also take place at different locations.

Host: Prof. Sigune v. Osten

By request, joined seminars with Gabriele Rinderknecht (Dipl. Psych.) are also available.

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