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Welcome to ART POINT

Foto: Werner Dupuis

ART POINT - New Horizons 

was founded in 1996 by the renowned singer and music artist Sigune von Osten. The aim has been to enlarge audio, visual and sensual experiences.

The eclectic projects of ART POINT are situated beyond conventions, transcending limitations of genres, styles, arts. They create links between the new and the familiar, using traditional musical instruments and ethnological, newly invented and home-made instruments, integrating music of foreign cultures, sound sculptures and music machines, multimedia, dance, literature and the creative arts. Being composed of sounds, poetry, architecture, landscape, light and space, the projects make a Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art") that astonishes the visitor again and again. New audio and visual experiences unfold which inspire the imagination and create new horizons.

It is for a large audience that is open and curious. Atop all stands the motto: "I don't understand why people are afraid of new ideas, I'm afraid of the old." (John Cage).

ART POINT works at the Trombacher Hof, a 600 years old former cloistral manor in Rhineland-Palatine, nearby Bad Kreuznach. Here, musicians, composers, creative artists, literaries, theater people and scientists meet in order to share ideas and work together. This is where the ART POINT projects emerge, which are presented at home and abroad.

Here, on the fourth weekend of August (friday/saturday) of each year, PARKMUSIK New Horizons takes place, the festival of unusual harmony, embedded in untouched nature and a historical ambience.

A further institution is the ART POINT Academy for voice in various respects: vocal techniques, singing, speaking, expression, gestures, interpretation et al.


PARKMUSIK New Horizonts 2016
Reports and photos coming soon