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"The authentic interpretation"
on the composers of the 20th century with whom Sigune von Osten had worked:

Olivier Messiaen
John Cage
Luigi Nono
Giacinto Scelsi



"The Voice as universal instrument of expression in the music of the 20th/21th century"
For ten years Sigune von Osten had been professor of a singing class at the Musikhochschule Würzburg. During that time she experienced that, although people learned how to sing, no time was left to become more knowledgable about New Music, despite the students' curiosity.
Therefore she wants to communicate the joy and creativity of engaging in New and Newest Music in workshops.
Anxieties about unfamiliar requirements are reduced, additionally necessary techniques will be taught, a familiarization with unknown literature will take place, and creativity will be aroused.
All of this will have positive effects on the interpretation of traditional music.




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