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Sigune von Osten
PARKMUSIC New Horizons '09
Strings Carnyx Bash - Sounds for ears and eyes from the British Isles.

The Trombach becomes a stage. Is it dancing, music, a joke or silence? See for yourself...


PARK Music New Horizons 2008
Since 1996 Sigune von Osten lures people with her ?Park music? to her secluded Trombacher Hof. For two days contemporary music is performed in this green idyllic scene. In 2008 Park music was dedicated to Olivier Messiaen and his surroundings. One could also listen to a glass harmonica and an Ondes Martenot.

Film by Johannes Radsack, nmzmedia 11.03.09

Sigune von Osten ? ManMachine - SoundMachine
The audio-visual performance "ManMachine - SoundMachine" led the listeners and viewers to the difficult-to-access interior of a cement works in Mainz. After wandering through a variety of sites, the audience arrived at the former packing hall where it was eventually surrounded by the sounds of Luigi Nono's "La fabrica illuminata", an extraordinary concert experience.

Film by Johannes Radsack, nmzmedia 15.09.2008

John Cage / Sigune von Osten  MusiCircus
MusiCircus is an idea of John Cage, which has been staged by Sigune von Osten: She invited 330 artists of all kinds to participate in the event ? ranging from a pop group, alphorns, an orchestra of zithers and mandolins to a classical brass quintet, a youth choir, an accordion and gamelan ensemble; in addition, there were roller skaters, dancers, sculptures, videos and playback, a huge motley orchestra far beyond all genre boundaries. Vehicles of all sorts also served as sound producing artefacts: fire engines, police cars, regular cars and tractors, even the trams took part in it. The result was a gigantic five-hour symphony. As someone from the audience put it, it sounded ?as if the whole world was sounding together at the same time?. Film by Trick- und Realfilm Feller / Scharff 10 / 2005