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Arnold Schönberg, String quartet F sharp minor
..."The highlights were the third and fourth movement owing to the outstanding soprano Sigune von Osten. The specialist for New Music sang in a clearly articulated and expressive way, from the smoothest piano to the powerful fortissimo"...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Arnold Schönberg "Pierrot lunaire"
"When it comes to New Music, Sigune von Osten is not just anybody. In cooperation with the "ensemble incanto" she accentuated much of the noble, unreal elegance of the moonlit scenery, as well as the feverish restlessness of the spooky Pierrot. The result sounded refined indeed...

Bonner Rundschau

Schönberg "The Expectation"
"At the beginning one might have found the singer a bit too thoughtful, too sober, in comparison to the sensually naive, darkly-toned interpretations à la Jessye Norman. But this clarity was amplified by something uncanny up to the point at which a layer of suspense even crept into the reduced, unplanned gestures of the soloist, which Schönberg had once presented at a furious pace ? that layer paved the way from thought to event. That was when one could realize what truthfulness meant, when it was not considered old-fashioned yet."

Leipziger Volkszeitung

Messiaen "Poèmes pour Mi" "Chants de terre et de ciel"
In the centre of the final concert was a singer who had worked with Messiaen until only shortly before he died and who has his complete vocal work in her repertoire: Sigune von Osten. Her enormous vocal as well as personal charisma made the interpretations of the "Poèmes pour Mi" and the "Chants de terre et de ciel" to a pleasure to experience. Messiaen knew of her talents: she belonged to the circle of his preferred interpreters.
With her expressiveness she brought to bear the pretty love songs, the great chants about heaven and earth, the tender singsang about watching a child in his sleep, the nightmarish visions of the metropolis as a symbol of horror" ....

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

John Cage - Kaleidoscope
... "Sigune von Osten's pursuit of the unfathomable of vocal expression was mouth-watering: the ?great? gesture of the opera singer crossed over into the swinging movement of a jazz-diva, every tiny melody suddenly had ?deflections? of expression in store. The contrived in a skirmish with the natural, the obvious in close combat with the artificial ? it's an experience, this vocal performance with wit and deeper meaning ? and with compelling virtuosity! At moments such as this, avantgarde is fun."

Europäische Wochen Passau,
Passauer Neue Presse

Günter Grass "Novemberland" World Premiere
..."Günter Grass recited six of the 13 sonnets himself, standing and in his own diction ... The other seven poems are part of the musical texture and, thus, in the hands of Sigune von Osten, an unbelievably virtuous vocal acrobat and, in her domain, one of the leading interpreters of New Music..."

Frankfurter Rundschau

Hommage to Marek Kopelent For his 70thbirthday
..."This was exemplified by "Black and white tears," a piece arranged for solo voice and comparable to a little psycho-drama. Sigune von Osten's captivating act went under my skin because of its great vocal execution and performance by Sigune von Osten. For me, it was the highlight of the evening in its conciseness and richness." ...

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

Gerhard Stäbler "Cold(ly)-Heated" World Premiere
... "main protagonist adjacent to ? was soprano Sigune von Osten who very emphatically mastered the vocal part that was in parts dramatically energetic in parts playful; at times, she lashed out at the pianos, too. With an impressive presence she dominated the events, sang, played the piano, drummed, danced and provided the link between the numerous actions taking simultaneously place."...

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