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PARKMUSIC New Horizons

The small but precious festival PARKMUSIC New Horizons was founded by Sigune von Osten in 1996. Since then, it has been taking place on the fourth weekend ? Friday and Saturday ? of August each year, on and around the pituresquely situated Trombacher Hof, where people have been coming in order to listen to and experience new acoustic and visual sounds and impressions.

The specialty of this festival is its staging and production: in the historical atmosphere of the 600 years old Trombacher convent and in the untouched landscape of the Trombach meadow, which is protected by the European FFH. Here, unusual sounds of New Music, non-European cultures, visual and acoustic art, traditions, nature, air, smells, and light merge in unparalleled harmony and open the heart and the senses without reservations.

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ATLANTIC FESTIVAL Rhineland-Palatinate

The ATLANTIC FESTIVAL Rhineland-Palatinate was developed by Sigune von Osten / ART POINT for the ATLANTIC ACADEMY Rhineland-Palatinate.

Analogous to the role of the ATLANTIC ACADEMY, the aim of the program with reference to America is, on the one hand, to offer events in Rhineland-Palatinate that were hardly or never seen at all, and on the other hand, to attract an audience from outside the region, on a national or international level, to Rhineland-Palatinate via premieres and original performances, print and other media.

Out of financial reasons for the host, the ATLANTIC ACADEMY, the festival had to be discontinued for the time being.

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