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Park Music New Horizons '19

Sa 24 / Su 25 August

Homeland - Foreigners - Home is the motto of PARK MUSIC New Horizons 2019, which parallels the motto of the Rhineland-Palatinate’s Cultural Summer program, “Homelands” (“heima(ten)”).

The festival begins at 4:00 PM with a Sound-Art-Walk from the meadow car parking lot behind the golf club to the Trombacher Hof. For about one and a half hours, visitors walk through fields, meadows, woods, and along the Trombach creak to the historic former monastery. The festival commences with a “ringing in” by the visitors using objects created by sound artist Bernd Bleffert. At following stations up to the Trombacher Hof, many sounds and images can be heard and seen: African drum music played by 10 young people from Café Global (Comprehensive School Dortmund Gartenstadt), groovy jazz sounds on the violin with Mateusz Smorzynski (Poland), sound objects (both days), large photos of the local landscape through the eye of Samira Khani (Iran; both days), and traditional Persian music on the Tar with Ali Mohammadi Kolagar (Iran).

Once visitors have arrived at the Trombacher Hof, they are invited to have a picnic in a beautiful landscape during the break. Visitors will have the chance to rest and talk with each other and with the artists.

Guests are kindly asked to bring their own food. Drinks will be served by family Martin, vineyard Villa Silius.

After the sunset, the evening continues in the former Monastery Chapel.In delicate lighting (Martin Mulik, Slovakia), visitors experience an uninterrupted flow of rousing contemporary percussion (Jens Brülls), virtuoso jazz violin, Persian tar with Oriental singing, and sound installations (Sigune von Osten / Sebastian Rietz).

Afterwards, guests breathe in the fresh air, look into the starry sky, and experience the silence.

Music by Steve Reich, Iannis Xenakis, Wolfgang Rihm, Samir Odeh-Tamimmi, Peter Gahn, as well as African and improvised music can be enjoyed.

Sunday begins at 11:00 AM in the vaulted Studio of the Trombacher Hof, the workplace of musical artist Sigune von Osten. Aeham Ahmad – a Palestinian from Syria called the “pianist from the ruins” – unites cultures along with cellist Cornelius Hummel, and Sigune von Osten reads excerpts from Ahmad’s book “And the birds will sing” (“Und die Vögel werden singen”).

Afterwards, there will be a picnic break at the Trombach. Guests are kindly asked to bring their own food. Drinks will be served by family Martin, vineyard Villa Slilius.

After the picnic break – around 2:00 PM – guests will follow narrow paths into the dreamlike Trombach Shire with grasses as tall as people, yellow shining Canadian goldenrod, and pink Indian balsam.

Brass sounds with newly invented double funnel instruments will be heard (Marco Blaauw, the Netherlands; Christine Chapman, USA; Melvyn Poore, England; all of Ensemble Musikfabrik; and the microtonal wind instruments of Zinc & Copper (Hilary Jeffery, England; Robin Hayward, England); global German percussionist Friedrich Glorian will help elicit multi-coloured echoes from the shire).

Between events, musician and hobby biologist Hans Faus, BUND, will reveal indigenous, foreign, and newly indigenous plants to the visitors while Cornelius Hummel converses with the trees with a “forest cello” and Bernd Bleffert produces spherical sounds with wire strings stretched far through the shire.
The evening concludes with a joint improvisation by all artists.

Music by Aeham Ahmad, Cornelius Hummel, Daan Manneke, Christian Wolff,
Anthony Braxton, improvised music, and sound objects by Bernd Bleffert will be enjoyed.

End around 5:00 PM at Trombacher Hof

Saturday 24 August  Begin at 4:00 PM   Parking Lot Golf Club Nahetal
End around 10:00 PM Trombacher Hof 
Guests will be taken in groups to the parking lot via a shuttle.

Sunday 25 August  Begin at 11:00 AM at Trombacher Hof 
Vaulted Studio
Attention: The walk from the parking lot to Trombacher Hof takes ca. 20 minutes
End around 5:00 PM at Trombacher Hof 
Guests walk back or will be taken in groups to the parking lot via a shuttle.

Tickets:  € 25 per day  Discounts for children and students
info  +49 06708 3616 
Ticket Purchase:  Please transfer the ticket amount to:
Freunde des Trombach Hofes e.V.   DE83 5409 0000 0001 1629 18 
After receipt of your payment, your ticket will be available under your name at the entrance.

Overall design:  Sigune von Osten
 ART POINT Sigune von Osten  Organizer  Freunde des Trombacher Hofes e,V.

Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz  Hanna and Dieter Paulmann   
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