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Sigune von Osten "... in Bewegung"

"... in Motion" stands for both the CompoVision for the House of Hohenstaufen 2010 as well as the events of the Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim Memorial Day. The historic walls serve as the scene and stage, with the travelling court at the centre. This ruling body of the Middle Ages served as the inspiration.

The kings of the Middle Ages were in Motion as they governed their empires on horseback, venturing constantly from region to region throughout the Rhenish Palatinate. Today's government is also in Motion, its leaders traveling from capital to capital throughout the modern world. Also in Motion are the people - those who travel and conquer the world for themselves. Cultures, life, everything is in Motion.

Both the performing musicians and the public are in Motion during this sound journey through the historic locations of the Kaiserpfalz: Heidesheimer Tower, Royal Hall, Hall Church. The path follows the walls of the House of Hohenstaufen. Just as in the time of the traveling court, there are long rests and short pauses during the journey. Only few elements are used to unite the historic times with the present and set the visitor's thoughts in Motion: objects that are passed around, such as rolling suitcases, hats, sticks, umbrellas (shades - Screens ) both as symbols of travel and as acoustically resonant objects. The visitors walk the path by foot, much as the peasants of the earlier times had to do. Sounds of hand-rolled suitcases on the cobblestone ground today, sounds of horses and oxen carts of long ago. Images of the kings and the life of former times are projected on a monitor. The travel plans of one of Henry VI's chroniclers are juxtaposed with those of Germany's Federal Chancellor nearly 1,000 years later - transportation problems compared with technological problems. Interviews with citizens of Ingelheim and other cities reveal what the layperson of Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim knows of earlier times.

Associations between the modern and antique are also made with the music: melodies of the Middle Ages are played with modern tones, historic instruments built with modern techniques: the hurdy-gurdy is brought from the Middle Ages to modern times with an electro-acoustic construction, alp horns, formerly of wood, now of high-tech carbon fibre. They represent popularity - trumpets, a strength and festivity. At the end, everyone is in the hall church, the final destination of the sound journey. Here all is still and contemplative, time and frenzy temporarily paused. The projection also juxtaposes the Middle Ages with today: images of the kings of the House of Hohenstaufen mixed with portraits of the leaders of today. Images from 1,000 years of history speed by the audience's eyes. The music grows parallel to a climax. In the silence that follows, single bells toll, suggesting a relaxing, closer listening, reflecting on...... Motion.

Sigune von Osten, Stimme / Guzheng Text / Music
ART POINTensemble: Robert Morgenthaler / Jean-Jaques Pedretti, Alp Horns / Trumpets  Matthias Loibner, Hurdy-gurdy   Jutta Blume-Laubenberger, Cembalo / Piano
Frank Thomé, Percussion
ART POINTvocalquartett: Sarah Mieth   Sylvia Ziegler   Natasha Fernandez Lopez  
Birgit Auweiler   Sandro Schwertner, Tonregie   Krischan Kriesten, Light design

ART POINT Produktion