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Sigune von Osten "ManMachine-SoundMachine"

"Industrial wasteland Belval, ruins, huge furnaces. Construction sites everywhere. The blower plant right in the middle. Deboned except for generators, a tangle of pipes. In the air gangways all around. A lot of space for the audience, for actions. For the author and singer Sigune von Osten who is performing her spectacular sound-and-light show 'ManMachine - SoundMachine' for the first time. Contemplating sense and nonsense of technological progress, smoke billowing, 'Bambuso sonoro' droning, whistling, fizzling. A music machine made of bamboo. It's the noise that makes the silence audible. The sounds of work imitated by saxophone, tuba, erhu (Chinese stringed instrument), percussion: the industrial era commences, halting this revolution is not possible. The musicians of the ART POINTensembles also work hard at their instruments. Speaking choirs (INECC) chant from the gangways. Barely comprehensible chants. The lyrics of the singer clarify: recited food for thought.

The Moloch machine replaces man, destroys jobs. But makes life easy. Robots and computers, too. Even this performance uses modern light, sound and computer technology. The sound images impress and the light engineers endow them supportingly with meaning. Luigi Nono's "La fabricca illuminata" for tape and singing (1964!) is like a foreign object, and yet, makes for the qualitative highlight. Sound collages, ambient sound as if from a different world. Sigune von Osten demonstrates the art of the voice. Afterwards, live sound events, effects. In the end the machines get out of control and collapse noisily. A spark of hope remains: the melody of a ceramic flute. This flute is blown electronically, turning into glowing coal. The performance was fascinating as was its idealistic idea. But it is impossible to turn back time. The machines have us totally under control."

Saarbrücker Zeitung 22. Juni 2007


Fotos:  Oana Fofiu / Ovidiu Matiu / Helge Petzold / Werner Dupuis /   ©  ART POINT