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Coexistence ? A human being is a part of a whole

At the beginning of this project was the poster exhibition of the same name of the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. Sigune von Osten was asked to write the music for the opening at the ?Kuppelforum? of the Dresdner Bank in Berlin in 2002. Because of her experience of many years in working with musicians of other cultures (China, Africa, Australia amongst others), she developed a multicultural music with artists of these countries. The textual content is filled with texts of important figures of a peaceful social interaction: the Dalai Lama, Pablo Casals, Pablo Neruda, Nelson Mandela, Albert Camus et al.). The music is based on the improvisatory abilities of the chosen musicians under the musical direction of and with some parameters given by Sigune von Osten. The project is constantly varying according to place, space and time. Thereby the posters can be an optical element ? also in the form of slides.

Sigune von Osten   Coexistence
Christian Gerber   Like a musette de Paris
Mohamed Askari   Nay by night
Chinese folksong   Saima
Sigune von Osten   Coexistence reminiscense

Sigune von Osten, soprano singer, voice, speech
ART POINTensemble
Chinese, Afrikan, Oriental, European instruments

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