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PARKMUSIC '02 "New Horizons"

August 24 / 25 Trombacher Hof meadow stage former chapel

Traditional African music - Ghana
African instruments (Kpanlogo, Gomme, Atunpan, Penpeusiwa et al., singing, dance,
ensemble Adikanfo

Music from the Middle Ages ? Music on stone sculptures
Homage to John Cage
Collage ? forum for early music berlin
Sigune von Osten and friends

Exhibition Stone(sound)Sculptures Livia Kubach / Michael Kropp

PARKMUSIC 2002 opened "New Horizons" with a bold but carefully coordinated program through time and worlds: mediaeval music on harps, psaltery, shalm and trumscheit (collage ? ensemble for early music berlin), New Music of the arguably most innovative American composer John Cage ? on the occasion of his 90thbirthday and the tenth anniversary of his death ? impressionistic music on the concert harp (Thomas Siener) and boundlessly "magic sounds from granite" ( Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, Feuilleton), music which is made by Sigune von Osten and friends (Wolfram Dix, Kay Kalytta, Wu Wei) on stone sculptures of the sculptor couple Livia Kubach and Michael Kropp.

The traditional non-European music ? an indispensable feature of PARKMUSIC ? came from Ghana this time: under the bright blue sky the ensemble of nine, Adikanfo, with female dancers and a group of vocalists led by Mark Kofi Asamoah, lit a rhythmic fire on the meadow stage and eventually had the crowd clapping and dancing along.

The TV channel SWR gave two atmospheric and accurate accounts on how nature and landscape reached a harmonious understanding with a historical, cloistral building, top-class music and artistic presentations and an extremely satisfied audience. (LandesArt, let's go there)

ART POINT Freunde des Trombacher Hofes e. V.  Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin

Festival of traditional non-European music / Munich (Kulturreferat / Bayerischer Rundfunk)

?koda Auto Deutschland GmbH  Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. SWR / FS

Photos: Walter Lhotzky koda Auto Deutschland GmbH  Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. SWR / television

Photos: Walter Lhotzky