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PARKMUSIC '99 ? Expanding ListeningHorizons

Friday and Saturday, August 27, 28. Trombacher Hof ? 600 years anniversary - foundation of a convent Traditional non-European music Afro-Andalusian music Beihdja Rahal and Nadje Hamma mystical music from Egypt and by Hildegard von Bingen Mohamed Askari Sufi music from North India ensemble Baul Bishwa

Visual Sounds
Christoph Schläger

Exhibition visual objects / stereo-metrical shapes made of ceramics and porcelain Wolfram Renger / Karin Wittmann

PARKMUSIC ?99, the fourth of its kind, took place in the former chapel of the convent on the Trombacher Hof to mark its foundation in 1399, 600 years ago. This year the association Freunde des Trombacher Hofes was also established. From now on this association supports the cultural activities, amongst others, that of PARKMUSIC. This was themed once again ?Expanding Listening Horizons?, with traditional non-European music as with music from Renaissance to Avantgarde, visual sounds and two exhibitions.


PARKMUSIC's particular concern, this time, was to establish encounters between different cultural and religious groups:

Afro-Andalusian music with the Algerians Beihdja Rahal and Nadje Hamma / Paris, Egyptian music with Mohamed Askari on the slit-kite-flute, Cairo / Berlin.

He also played music by Hildegard von Bingen, who captivates him as a mystic. There was Sufi music from North India by the band Baul Bishwa, with a musical tradition of 600 years, as old as the Trombach. Their philosophy is: "imaginative me is looking for a restaurant in which Allah, Kali, Rama and God eat from one and the same plate."

One could hear and see visual music produced by the sound objects of Polish Christof Schläger, who lives in Amsterdam. The exhibition of visual objects by Wolfram Renger and stereo-metrical shapes made of ceramics and porcelain by Karin Wittmann led across to visual and plastic arts, which was a pleasure for the eye.

Art historian and restorer Uwe Rumeney gave a short presentation on the 600 years of history of the Trombach.

ART POINT / Freunde des Trombacher Hofes e.V.
Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. SWR