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Expanding listening habits

Friday, July 11. Bad Münster am Stein Kurpark Saturday, July 12. Trombacher Hof Traditional non-European music and dancing ? Bali András Varsányi / Cara Bali ensemble music of the past and present Schönberg / Straußwalzer, world premieres Rihm, Vieru

ensemble MUSICA TEMPORALE, Trio Diritto

Improvised music for electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy, clarinets, saxophones

Duo Pallude Michael Riessler / Valentin Clastrier

Visual sounds ? home-made musical instruments

Volker Staub tree trunks, carboys, steel strings

PARKMUSIC '97 was a special cultural event: in the Konzertmuschel (concert shell), Konzertpavillon ( concert pavilion) and Brunnenhalle (fountain hall) in the spa gardens of Bad Münster and at the Trombacher Hof. You could listen to well-known and unfamiliar sounds of internationally renowned musicians:

- a waltz of Johann Strauß in an unusual lineup of reed organ, piano, double bass and a string quartet

- oriental sounds from Bali by a gamelan orchestra

- the mediaeval hurdy-gurdy as an electro-acoustic instrument of modern times along clarinets and saxophones

- a recorder trio ranging from sopranino to bass, music on carboys auf Korbflaschen, tree trunks and steel strings

There were three premieres: compositions, of which the composers were present: Anatol Vieru, who specifically arrived from Romania, Rolf Rihm from Frankfurt and Volker Staub, who was living on a scholarship of Villa Massimo in Rome at the time. The sounds were not only for the ear but also for the eye: a masked man was dancing on top of 2meter-high stilts to the gamelan music, and brought along with him and his colourful costumes fantasies from the Far East to Bad Münster.

Moreover, the home-made instruments consisting of carboys and tree trunks did not only produce particularly charming sounds but were rather interesting to look at and might have inspired one or the other to reproduce them. Especially interesting was also the improvised music in an unusual lineup: on an electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy, an invention of the interpreterValentin Clastrier, and various clarinets and saxophones, one of the most innovative musicians of his trade, Michael Riessler, one could listen to exciting music that does not fit into any previously established category, affected by an electrifying rhythm and catchy tunes.

ART POINT Bad Münster am Stein   Stiftung Rheingrafenstein  
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